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provide great looking, professional web designs as standard. Your presence on the web is very important, and should show off your products and services in a clean, easy to use front end.
Make your web-site work, maximise your web-site's performance in search engines. MNM Design offer web-site optimisation services to improve your ranking and viability in all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN
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 Professional web-site design
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The internet and why you should have a presence

Keep youe eye on the customersIt is estimated that world wide over 6,700,000,000 people regularly use the internet, with Europe accounting for over 800.000.000 of these.

European on-line growth rate is a staggering 297.8 % over the last decade, making the World Wide Web the number one resource for products, services and information searches.

wwwNew research from the EIAA highlights that 80% of European internet users have bought a product or service online, double the 2004 figure.

Online European shoppers made 1.3 billion purchases in just one six month period in 2008, spending an average of €747.00 each online.

The top three products bought online are:

 Music, DVD's & Video Games

What actually persuaded someone to buy online in the first place? top three results being:

 Search Engine
 Previous knowledge (used before or well known brand)

The top three usages for the internet:

 Buying products and services
 General browsing

How can you afford not to have an online presence?